Vladimyr Madarash

Vladimyr Madarash
-29 Years old, Slender but muscular build. shoulder length red hair. wealthy.

-Eldest son of the Madarash family, a very old, powerful and secretive group of pure blood witches and warlocks.

-Head Asassin for the Madarash family, often using Biokenisis to kill or incapacitate enemies or threats to the house.

-Naturally gifted in pyrokinesis, biokinesis., and telekenisis.

- Access to and understanding of ancient texts from the family archive, some which detail high level magics and lost artifacts.

-Due to an accidental wildfire he set he has severe burns along his left arm and chest. This event caused him to seek more knowledge of pyrokinesis in order to not lose control again.
-Also has lead to him discovering the Pyromancy Flame, a mythical artifact that when worn helps to harness and control fire. Though it requires the scales of a freshly slain dragon to craft, along with many ancient sigils to craft.
-After the wildfire a group of hunters had captured him and locked him in a underground cell for weeks. he escaped and killed all the family, but now had a fear of any tight spaces fearing he may be trapped again.

-Has an enchanted throwing dagger called the (Hungering Spellblade or Shadowkiss) that was handed down from his father and mentor, which returns to the thrower after thrown. Its a smooth obsidian Blade made for piercing. Its enchantment also makes it far more sturdy than normal obsidian.

-Even though he dislikes hunters from his past experiences, he agrees to assist the group, mainly Dazyn, in hopes to find and slay a dragon to obtain the reagents for the Pyromancy Flame.

Vladimyr Madarash

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