Kylie Mitchell


Name: Kyle Alexander Mitchell
Age: 28
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Occupation: Ranch hand/Hunter

Kyle is NOT the sweet little country boy. He’s from the country yes, but he’s got an attitude and sense of I don’t care what anyone thinks about me kind of vibe to him. He’s not afraid to get her hands a little dirty in any sense and will usually never back down from a fight. He’s an outdoors guy through and through, hating the cities if he’s stuck there for too long.

Growing up life wasn’t like it was for most kids. Well I suppose if you think about it for the most part it was. He lived on a ranch breeding cattle for beef. He went to school, his mom took care of him and his brother, and then when his dad wasn’t working the ranch he would head out to go do some hunting. Not just hunting for deer though, nope. His daddy hunted werewolves. He started doing it before he was born, noticing the large amount of them after another monster hunter came through town looking for them. He grew up knowing about them and knowing how to defend herself against them. but he didn’t have a drive for it until he was about sixteen.

He was camping, with his brother Brandon. It was summer and their camp got hit with a werewolf. He went for him first and pinned him down, gashing him in the face and blinding him in one eye. He was pretty sure he was done for but his brother managed to kill the son of a bitch before he could bite him. He dedicated his time to learning everything he could about werewolves. His dad wasn’t happy about it, but he figured since he was basically him in every way there would be no stopping him. If he didn’t teach her what he knew, he would find out on his own. He learned the tricks of the trade and eventually, he became a better fighter than he was.

Allure: Having a scar isn’t something that hinders Kyle from getting attention. He carries herself with a sense of mystery and sexualness that makes people curious about him. He’s the kind of guy who can walk into a bar and guys and girls will be there wanting to buy her a drink. Now whether he will actually take them up on that really depends on the day.

Brawler: Growing up with cows that needed branding he learned quick how to get something off it’s feet, and keep it there. You never wanna lose your footing with this guy, once he gets you on the ground it’s usually game over.

Contacts: Kyle’s got a few contacts around when it comes to hunting. His dad sort of forcing himself into the world he’s seen a few guys come through and gotten to know some. Growing up constantly around his daddy he knows a few of these men and women and has even helped out one or two, obtaining a favor that needs cashing in.


Focused Hunter: Kyle has made his life hunting werewolves. He’s gotten good at it and when he’s on the job he’s on the job.

Natural Leader: He may not have bee the oldest in his family, but he definitely ran the show. When he was in high school he ran the group he hung out with and when he’s hunting, he tends to jump into the leader roll, whether he knows what he’s doing or not.

Natural Linguist: This is something she wanted to do on her own. Finding languages amazing and fascinating she took up learning to speak Russian and French. Though French is her favorite she is fluent in bother languages and can communicate without problems in both languages.

Safe House: The ranch was always her home, and it always will be. After her dad started hunting he sorta opened his door to other hunters who needed a base while they ran a case nearby. Her mom was for the most part on board and when Kylie chose to take up the life of a hunter her family made sure she knew she always had a safe place back at home. It’s equipped with an old barn that isn’t used for anything, so it was made into her apartment and work area when she was on a case.

Signature Possession: It’s nothing that anyone would think twice about, but it was the first weapon her dad bought after he started hunting and when she took up the job and took her first job with him at 19, he gave it to her. She takes it with her everywhere and normally doesn’t like not knowing where it is, which is usually on her person.

Tough: Kylie always ran with the big boys. She never liked hanging out with the girls in her school and seeing as she worked on the ranch she learned to be tough. If she falls down, she’s going to get up and brush it off, end of story.

Wealthy: Kylie’s parent’s ranch is a pretty successful ranch. They make good money and she’s worked the ranch long enough to earn a good trust. Her dad was smart and allowed it to gain interest all while teaching her good money management skills.

Unbreakable Will: This chick, never been known to back down from a fight easily. She’s more likely to stand up and full on punch whatever is challenging her in the face. Her life modo is go big or go home. She doesn’t believe in just falling down and quitting.

Kylie’s dog Butch. He’s been with her through everything.

Kylie’s truck. It’s one of the first things she bought on her own and has modified it to be the hunter’s perfect companion.

Kylie Mitchell

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