Gerald Otto

Gerald Otto

People In His Life

Augustus Otto, father. Paranoid conspiracy theorist, survivalist, mundane hunter (read: deer, sometimes bear or elk), mechanic, redneck
Heather Jordan, mother. Ran off to Seattle with some Microsoft jerk.
Abigail Jordan, half-sister. Never met her, but I’ve seen pictures.
Andrew Jordan, mother’s husband. Microsoft jerk.
Kurtis Becker father’s best friend. Old redneck that works in the shop. Well-intentioned, honest man, but a bit rough around the edges and kind of a bigot.
Wesley, best friend growing up. First love, unrequited. Nerdy athletic redhead from a large family. Kind of a ho.
Katie, close friend growing up. Very quiet, liked the same books as Gerald. No idea where she moved to, but her family bailed right before they finished high school.

Gerald’s Jeep

1979 Jeep Cherokee
Black, 2 door, seats 6 plus cargo, 4 wheel drive, 4-speed manual

Height: 66.4" (approx 5’6")
Width: 74.8" (approx 6’3")
Length: 186.4" (approx 15’5")
Wheelbase: 108.7" (approx 9’)
Ground Clearance: 12" (lifted from the average 8.6" because zombies)
Curb Weight: 4,514 lbs

Top Speed: 88 mph
22 gallon tank, 12 MPG

Driving range (miles on tank)
extra-urban: 280-355 miles
city: 170-215 miles
highway: 185-240 miles
average combined: 254 miles

Gerald Otto

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